Shelburne Farms ~ Shelburne Farms is our site partner for the Inscendent Universe Oratorio Premier, offering their magnificent facilities and setting as fitting context for this vision.

They are a membership-supported, nonprofit environmental education center, 1,400-acre working farm, and National Historic Landmark on the shores of Lake Champlain in Shelburne, Vermont. Their mission is to cultivate a conservation ethic for a sustainable future, and they practice rural land uses that are environmentally, economically and culturally sustainable.


All Souls Interfaith Gathering (ASIG) ~ The extraordinarily beautiful and acoustically vital facilities of the All Souls Interfaith Gathering Sanctuary were the perfect place for recording A Celtic Mass for Peace, Songs for the Earth. With sweeping views of the constantly changing moods of Lake Champlain against a backdrop of receding layers and folding shapes of the Adirondaks, the landscape where both words and music were written, there was a sense of completion and homecoming. It is an earth sanctuary that deeply echoes the mystical landscapes of Scotland and Ireland.

ASIG is a nondenominational community that welcomes everyone, a seeker’s destination, a safe haven for exploring spiritual and human values with a commitment to express love toward all through lifting the spirit in music, inspirational words, community service and environmental stewardship.


American Teilhard Association – The American Teilhard Association explores and builds on the life and work of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. The American Teilhard Association, since its foundation in 1967, is committed to making the thought and vision of Teilhard more widely available. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955), a French Jesuit and paleontologist, was one of the leading thinkers of the 20th century. Teilhard integrated his scientific understanding of evolution with his religious understanding of the “divine milieu.” His vision of the human as part of a dynamic unfolding universe is expressed in his classic text, The Human Phenomenon. As an accomplished scientist and as a person of deep religious conviction, Teilhard was himself a pioneer in bridging science and religion. He was a visionary capable of imagining a viable and vibrant future. In advance of his time and in the midst of great turmoil Teilhard perceived an emerging global consciousness. This was consistent with his understanding of evolution that would unify the human spirit despite the disruptions of war and conflict evident in the first half of the 20th century. Though exiled to China from his native homeland and refused permission to publish The Human Phenomenon during his lifetime, Teilhard did not lose his humility or his zest for life. In addition to his multi-volume scientific work on paleontology completed during his lifetime, Teilhard’s religious writings were eventually published after his death in New York in 1955. With his idea of human consciousness encircling the planet as the noosphere, Teilhard is also credited with anticipating the complex technological connection of human thought now evident in global communications and in the worldwide Internet. His thinking regarding the unity of the human community also influenced several key founders of the United Nations.


Thomas Berry Foundation – The mission of the THOMAS BERRY FOUNDATION is to carry out the Great Work of Thomas in enhancing the flourishing of the Earth community. Created in 1998 by Thomas Berry, Mary Evelyn Tucker, John Grim, Martin Kaplan, and Thomas’ sister, Margaret Berry, the Foundation has promoted Thomas’ ideas through publishing his essays and overseeing translations, initiating an archive at Harvard, and organizing the Thomas Berry Award and Lecture.

The Foundation seeks to achieve its goals through the following initiatives:
Over the last decade Thomas’ archives have been transferred to Harvard with the dedicated assistance of his sister Margaret. During this same period Mary Evelyn and John have edited four of Thomas’ books and promoted their distribution. (The Great WorkEvening ThoughtsThe Sacred UniverseThe Christian Future and the Fate of Earth). In addition, they have helped to organize the Thomas Berry Award and Lecture since 1998. In September 2009 they created a Memorial Service for Thomas at the Cathedral of St John the Divine that was attended by over 1000 people. They also developed and maintain the Thomas Berry website.