Spanish translation, new lyrics, production and recording of A Celtic Mass for Peace, Songs for the Earth. A universal cosmology of liberation from the ancient Celtic stream: for Latin America, Spain, and the emerging cultural transformations of the New World. The ‘Misa Celta para la Paz’, will be sung in Spanish and recorded in Latin America, using indigenous with traditional and classical instruments. It will celebrate the intimate connection among all first world peoples in the Celtic mode of deep Earth connection, reverence for the natural and spirit worlds, in the longing for liberation, and unity with the entire community of life.


As never before in the history of humanity we are becoming aware of the essential oneness of the earth. Increasingly we know that what we do to a part we do to the whole. And we are realizing that we will be well only to the extent that we live in relationship with one another and with all things. At the same time, we are experiencing the most horrific brokenness as an earth community. The violence that is being perpetrated by nation against nation, by religion against religion, by rich against poor, and by humanity against earth’s species is unparalleled. A Celtic Mass for Peace:Songs for the Earth gives voice and sound to earth’s deepest yearnings for peace. These are not just religious longings or Christian longings. These are sacred longings from the heights and depths of humanity’s song. They are as vast as the universe and as intimate as the human heart.