The lyrics of the BePeace Anthem and the eight accompanying children’s peace songs are derived from the epic Costa Rican poem, Rasur o Semana de Esplendor, by Roberto Brenes Mesen. It tells the story of a master teacher who comes to the village of Quizur and silently calls the children deep into a mountain where he teaches them about the wisdom within their hearts, their connection to nature and how to live in peace with one another. When the children return to the village, they joyfully share this knowledge with their parents, who then awaken to the significance of Rasur’s teachings. Soon Quizur is alive with creativity and has been transformed into a culture of peace.

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The lyrics to the BePeace Anthem and the eight Children’s Peace Songs, were written by Rita Marie Johnson, founder and director of BePeace and the Rasur Foundation International, convey the essence of the remarkable BePeace practice of feeling, speaking, and teaching peace. Rasur Foundation International aims to train teachers and counselors in BePeace® so these individuals can pass on the practice to students and parents in their schools and communities. The program equips students, teachers and parents with the skills to resolve conflicts in a mutually satisfying manner, providing life skills for making positive, enriching choices.

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Rita Marie Johnson – The Shift Network Interview with Emily Hine

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