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  • “ …just gorgeous – very distinctive and beautiful.”
  • “a powerful statement…a really a fabulous piece.”
  • “hauntingly-beautiful music…..both ethereal and earthly….”
  • “I am truly in awe of the music you created.”
  • “ - the overall effect was stunning. “  “- I had to breathe deeply and remind myself that a conductor who loses his emotional composure does not benefit the whole!” -Director of Music and Arts


Music and art are a pathway to the deepest possible experience of coherence1 and beauty, leading to the opening of the heart, to an experience of Peace, and perhaps to an awakening: that we are integral to the unfolding of a living universe, the only comprehensive context in which we can truly understand ourselves and become a ‘mutually enhancing’ part of the Earth community. Beauty and music can unlock the connection between mind and heart. Music entrains, or harmonizes the body’s systems and rhythms through the experience of magnificent and deep relations, in "the deepest levels of intention, and so takes us over."2 It is a clear window into the heart of the guiding process from which all in the living universe emerges.

The common thread uniting all SGM ventures is the defining context of Peace: right relationship with oneself, others, all life, cultures, Earth and the greater whole. We need a cosmic liturgy to align human activities with the cosmological process and to celebrate the great transitional moments in the unfolding of the universe.3

-Sam Guarnaccia

(1) Coherence: the constant harmonization of the processes and rhythms of a system; the fine tuning or correlation of the parts of a system so that change in any one of them introduces change in all.
(2) Music, the Brain, and Ecstasy; Jourdain, p. 329
Earth Charter:
(3) Swimme/Berry

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